Wooden Cat Scraper Detachable Lounge Bed 3 In 1 Cat Scratch Board


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Brand Name: other

No. of Tiers: Single Layer

Type: cats

CN: Jiangsu

Item Type: Scratching Pads

Material: Wood

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• 3-in-1 design :This cat scratcher is designed to serve three purposes in one, making it a versatile and practical addition to your home.

• Detachable lounge bed :The detachable lounge bed feature allows you to easily customize the size and shape of the scratching post to suit your cat’s needs.

• Training ground for cats :The scratching post is perfect for training your cat to use its claws in a safe and controlled environment, helping to prevent unwanted scratching elsewhere.

• Made of wood :The scratching post is made of high-quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity for your cat to enjoy.

Cat scratch boards are essential toys and supplies for cats and cat owners, providing them with a long-lasting and fun playing experience, as well as being a good helper to prevent cats from scratching furniture


1.Product Name:Corrugated paper cat scratch board cat bed

2.Material: pine wood, corrugated paper

3.Packaging list: corrugated paper * 1, pine board * 6, screw pack * 1

Atters needing attention:

1. Regular replacement: Cat scratch boards will wear and tear with use. It is recommended to replace them regularly to avoid cats using expired scratch boards, or to directly purchase recyclable scratch boards to reduce waste.

2. Vacuum cleaning: The surface of the cat scratch board may be stained with cat hair and dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface and maintain hygiene.

3. Proper placement: When choosing a cat scratch board, it is necessary to choose a suitable location based on the space at home and the preferences of the cat.

4. Cultivate cat usage habits: Some cats may not immediately enjoy using cat scratch boards, and appropriate guidance and cultivation of usage habits are needed.

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Trumpet, Large size


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