Candy-Inspired TPR Squeaky Tennis Ball Dog Toy

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Bring home the perfect blend of fun, function, and eco-friendliness with the Blue Candy Shaped Dog Toy. Exquisitely designed to mimic a tantalizing piece of candy, this toy is not only a visual treat but also packs a punch in terms of its features!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly and Durable: Made with 100% recyclable TPR rubber, this toy is sturdy and built to last, ensuring countless hours of play while being kind to our planet.

  • Multi-Purpose Play: Let your fur baby decide how they want to play! Be it fetching, chewing, or tossing around, this versatile toy can handle it all.

  • Added Squeaky Surprise: Nestled within is a squeaky tennis ball, turning playtime into an auditory delight! Watch as your dog gets engrossed with every squeak.

  • Promotes Oral Health: The carefully crafted textured surface with nubs and ridges doesnt just up the fun quotient. Its instrumental in promoting gum health and cleaner teeth.

  • Eye-Catching Design: Its candy-like aesthetics are impossible to ignore. Perfect to spruce up your pet’s toy collection!

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